Flexible Long-Term Capital

Our plc balance sheet enables us to take a longer-term view. We can provide companies with the flexible, long-term capital they require to grow.

Biotech Ventures for Public Markets

Arix provides public market investors with access to game changing life science innovation across a range of therapeutic areas and geographies.

Hands-on Support

We provide more than just capital when we invest. We take a board seat and play an active role to support our companies as they grow. We provide scientific and commercial experience to help navigate clinical and operational hurdles.

Pharma Partners

Partnerships with Takeda, UCB, Fosun and Ipsen provide access to extensive R&D insights and due diligence capabilities.

Extensive Global Networks

Premium access to innovation through our transatlantic team and high-quality global venture capital, biotech and academic networks.

Unconstrai­ned Model

Unconstrained by institution, geography or stage of company development; ability to source the best life science innovation without restriction.